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The Six Bridesmaids in Every Bridal Party

7 Jul 2015

Stereotypes exist for a reason. When it comes to your wedding, you’ll find yourself with a collection of very different bridesmaids. This spectacular team comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are the six bridesmaids in every bridal party. Do they sound familiar to you…?

The Hulk

Bridezilla is everything a bridesmaid wants to avoid but there is yet another lesser-known creature which is just as terrifying when it rears its head. The Hulk Bridesmaid. She either hates the colour of the dresses or the venue or even the other bridesmaids.

She may be a pain in the bum but there’s a reason why she’s in the group. You may just find she is the voice of reason. Also, you may find that she keeps you in-check as well.

The Superhero

Cherish this one. The perfect bridesmaid there ever was. She’s the one who has your back throughout the whole wedding process. She has instantaneous solutions and the tools at hand to solve any issue. With her by your side, you just know that your wedding will be a success.

Butler taking a selfie with a large group of women at a hen party

The Partier

This one is a wildcard. You never know what’s going to happen and sometimes that is a phenomenal thing. If she’s responsible for your hen party then you just know you’re in for something unexpected and definitely exciting like a special visit from your very own Butlers with Bums.

The Childhood Friend

This is the one you have spent years with. The one who has seen you through the ups and downs and countless heartbreaks and she has stood by you relentlessly. She is the one that you will always run to when you have a problem. She may not be the best bridesmaid, but she will try her best to be. All she wants is to see you happy.

Butler putting a material bracelet round a woman's thigh

The Mum

This is the one that will make sure you don’t end up in prison. Hen parties and bridal parties, in general, can take on a life of their own especially if you have the party animal on board. The Mum will make sure that everyone is in bed when they should be, collects the bottles before the s**t hits the fan and makes sure you have had something to eat so you don’t faint. She may get annoying sometimes but her job is the most difficult of all. This, however, doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to have fun.

The Selfie Queen

This one will make sure that your wedding is well-documented and will tell you just how you can look great in every picture. These are images that will last a lifetime.

So, we’ve covered the six bridesmaids in every bridal party. Now it’s time to book a butler (or three!) for your hen party! Contact us today for a no-obligation quote!

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