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The Socially-Distanced Hen Do Ideas You’ve Been Searching For…

1 Nov 2020

Gals, let’s face it, with the unprecedented situation that we have encountered in 2020 I’m sure there are lots of you out there with rescheduled hen do’s to plan, but fear not, as below we’ve rustled up some fabulous ideas to make your life a little easier. Check them out…

Social distanced hen do ideas –

Picnic in the park

While this may sound boring and over done you can really go to town on this and make it something spectacular that will wow any bride. Just picture beautiful blankets, cushions, wicker picnic baskets, pampas, candles, flower arrangements and much more. This is something that you can get all of the hens involved in organising. You could dish out a list of everything that needs making or buying and really put on a spread; cakes, sandwiches, pastries (sweet and savoury of course), scones with jam and cream, Prosecco, cocktails and balloons galore. It’s sure to look Instagrammable in no time!

If everyone gets to the area well before the bride to set this up and lay out all of the delicious goods on wallpaper tables with checkered tablecloths in a bake-off style, then eagerly await the arrival of the bride-to-be, you’re bound to give her a wonderful surprise.

Although this is relatively weather dependent, gazebos and marquees can help the event go ahead in most weather conditions. Just pray there isn’t a hurricane or a month’s worth of rain (who knows what the British weather has planned!) It doesn’t just stop at the food and drink, games are of course imperative for a hen do. The Mr & Mrs quiz is the most popular game played but it is also the most entertaining along with how well do you know the bride quiz coming in a close second. Pin/stick the penis on the groom is a game that can be made so it is personal to the bride to be. Print out a large photo of the groom and attach it to a tree, print out some naughty images, add some pins and away you go, after a few proseccos who will pin the penis in the right area! For those more active brides and for the larger hen parties, what about a game of rounders? This will transport you back to your school years and build up an appetite for all those lovely treats.

The zoo

While you might think the zoo is just for kids,  think again! There are so many zoos around the UK and some with a lot to offer a group of fun loving hens. A lot of them offer hen do packages, some of which include lunch and a chance to get up close and personal with certain animals, even feeding some of them… we’re sure this will be a roaring success!

Theme park

A theme park day, much like the zoo day, is a great day out. While, admittedly, it’s not for the faint hearted, if everyone is up for it this could be a really fun way to spend a hen do. You could add a fastpass to your tickets and make sure you get to experience every single ride. Not so chilled out but certainly entertaining, especially when you have a gander at the hilarious pictures they take on the roller coasters… say cheese!

Garden gathering

If one of the hens or even the bride-to-be has a good sized house or garden and we’re allowed to gather in small groups again, then why not use this and dress it up to the nines. Book one of our gorgeous butlers to come and serve some food and drinks and even play some games. What about one of our hunky life drawing models? This will provide an hour and a half of guaranteed laughs, 45 minutes of the nude life drawing and 45 minutes of a mini butlering session to finish off. The model will choose which he thinks is the best drawing so why not buy a prize for the winner! Our dazzling mixologist will ensure you get the party started with two hours of cocktail making –– everything you need to make and enjoy three cocktails each is included and you can even have him in butler uniform to make it a bit more cheeky.

Wine tasting in sussex countryside with a socially distanced picnic

This is another way to spice up the standard picnic idea. There are lots of winerys that are opening up picnic areas on site to allow guests to bring along their own food to enjoy their spectacular views, of course you have to buy their wine or do a wine tasting session but hey that is what you are there for right! However if a picnic is too much to organise with everything else then some are putting together delicious picnic hampers for guests to consume with their wine. What is better than a gorgeous wine consumed with organic cheeses, homemade bread, olives and chutneys, sounds like hen do heaven.

Private dining with a private chef

If social distancing and other restrictions are making going to a restaurant too much for you to organise then why not have a private chef come to you. We offer a private chef package that is available in most major cities in the UK. This would include a 3 course meal cooked with all fresh ingredients and served to you. The best bit about this, no washing up as this is all part of the service and no disagreements over the bill at the end of the meal just sit back and enjoy. You could also book a butler or two to serve the food and drinks for a bit of extra spice.

Mobile afternoon tea

Similarly to the above we also offer an afternoon tea that can come to you. You will get all of the usual treats; sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, cakes, tea and coffee and the crockery and cutlery but in the comfort of your own environment. If tea and coffee is quite cutting it then this can always be enjoyed with some cocktails or prosecco so why not buy some of your favourite cocktail ingredients and a couple of bottles of fizz and turn it into a boozy afternoon tea…..that’s more like it!

Virtual hen do

If all else fails, why not opt for a Virtual hen do? While everyone has probably had quite enough of online quizzes and catch ups during lockdown, if you are struggling to get all of the hens together in a central location with planned activities and the bride to be still wants to celebrate before her big day then a virtual hen might be the best bet, with some quirky ways to inject some fun!

To start with, why not add a theme. This might be something that the group were not happy to do if they were out in public but as everyone is in the comfort of their own home it could be a great way to make everyone on the hen party and especially the bride to be, laugh. Make it something easy that people may already have at home or can easily be ordered cheaply online. Another option is to order the standard hen do t-shirts and have them delivered to everyone, maybe add a team bride headband and a willy straw for good measure these will be nice packages for everyone to open on the day of the hen do, you could even throw in a tacky veil for the bride to be.

Ice breakers are always a good start to a hen do, especially when you are all looking at each other on a computer or tablet screen and aren’t face to face. You could ask each hen to share their favourite memory of the bride to be, this gives everyone a chance to speak and introduce themselves and how they know the bride to be. It is sure to create hysteria, maybe even embarrass the bride to be a little….only a little!

Of course there needs to be games, aside from the usual Mr & Mrs Quiz and never have I ever, here are a few ideas that you may not normally play on a hen do if you were out and about.

  • Draw the bride, set a time limit of 20/30 minutes and ask everyone to draw the bride to be as she holds a pose on screen. Undoubtedly there will be some failures, especially after some fizz. The bride to be can then judge her favourite whilst everyone else has to down a shot!
  • Name that tune, create a playlist of everyone’s favourite tunes (make sure there is a good variety and this can then be used for a dance party later in the night) Play 30-45 seconds of each song and the hens have to guess the tune. The winner gets away without having to down a shot!
  • Charades, each hen will have to act out their favourite film, book or series. You could even set a theme to the charades if you have something that works for everyone.

To help with the organising get the groom involved in helping with possible deliveries or ordering for the bride to be, he is definitely going to be a key part in keeping the surprise a secret. This strategically planned event will cheer up any bride to be that thinks her hen do plans may have been kiboshed.

Hopefully we have given you some food for thought and you can enjoy planning a hen do for 2021. Good Luck!

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