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The Valentine’s Day Guide

15 Feb 2017

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you may be fretting about what to do or what present to get your partner. Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday that is celebrated by many couples, but flowers, chocolates, and cards may be a bit boring. So, here at the Butlers with Bums, we have thought of some wonderful Valentine’s Day ideas for you and your partner. Read them below in The Valentine’s Day Guide…

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year! Whether you celebrate it by spending time together and buying each other gifts, or prefer staying in, the Hen Fairy have come up with ideas to suit everyone. We know how difficult it is to think about what to do and even what to get each other. However, the Hen Fairy’s guide is sure to fulfil your Valentine’s Day!

Re-enact Your First Date

Re-enacting your first date is truly romantic, as well as being such a cute and meaningful idea! You can revisit the place you had your first date or even met, whether that’s a drink in your local pub or a dance in a nightclub.

Go For a Couples’ Massage

Valentine’s Day should be about relaxing and spending quality time with your partner. That’s why a couples massage is the perfect idea. It is a truly rejuvenating experience and a sensual way to spend this romantic day. You two will truly feel refreshed and can enjoy a nice dinner out afterwards.

Woman getting a massage
Pamper party

Weekend Away

It is nice to arrange a romantic getaway for Valentine’s. Why not have a weekend in Rome or Barcelona? Or, if you are truly romantic, you can enjoy fine wine in the heart of Paris.

Comedy Night

If you’re a couple with a good sense of humour, a comedy night out is the best way to spend Valentine’s Day! You and your partner will be in hysterics as you enjoy each other’s company and have a laugh.

Personalised Phone Case

Personalised gifts are meaningful and thoughtful! Phone cases are the perfect way to express your love for your Valentine! You can create your own cases using a collage of your favourite couple photos.


Making something for your partner is the ideal way to express your love. This gift is perfect for your foodie spouse! Baking a cake and decorating it is such a simple idea, but it is also meaningful, as well as being able to satisfy your taste buds.



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The Valentine’s Day Guide

So, that’s our Valentine’s Day Guide. We hope you enjoyed reading it, and hope to hear from you soon when you next need to hire some buff butlers!

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