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Top 5 Reasons to Have a Hen Do!

2 Apr 2015

Top 5 reasons to have a Hen Do!
Now ladies, I know there is not a lot of persuasion needed to convince you to have a girly weekend away… And there is no better excuse than a Hen Do! If you need that extra bit of convincing, we have listed the top 5 reasons to throw a hen do! Five golden reasons why it is imperative to celebrate that massive milestone in you or your friend’s life.

1) Reuniting Friends

We all have friends and family that we are unable to catch up with on a regular basis. Your hen do is the perfect reason for these things to be pushed to one side. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to see your old school friends and introduce them to your new workmates! Or see family members who have moved away. Once you have all of those closest to you from throughout your life, there’s nothing more to do than have a party! You could start off with a fun, educational cocktail class to get everyone talking and interacting. Or you could have a delicious meal, then hit the town. If you are going to have all your girls together, you’ve got to do it in style!

Woman in red with a learning symbol on her back sat with other women wearing black

2) Celebrate your last night out as a single lady

The last big night out as a single lady is extremely important and traditional. It’s not just about becoming a wife but so much more! It’s the next chapter of your life, which may even include buying a house or having babies! You have to end the previous chapter with a bang! It’s time for you to be silly, giggle the night away, dress in outrageous outfits and dance as if it’s just you and your girls in the club. Remember, this is totally acceptable when you’re on your hen do.

3) Spoil your friend

If you’re chief bridesmaid, you have some big responsibilities for the wedding! We all know the most important one is the hen do. This is the time for you to spoil your bride-to-be and even slightly embarrass her with a few cheeky activities! Don’t worry, we have a few in mind. If you want to give her the shock of her life and make her blush then hire one of our gorgeous Butlers with Bums! Or, if you are looking for something that combines laughter, music and hunky men, then The Adonis Cabaret is the show for you. So take control and create the hen do you are looking for by following these top 5 reasons to throw a hen do!

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4) Explore locations and ideas

Going to your local pub or restaurant to celebrate your hen do may be fun, but it will not be unique or daring. To create an unforgettable night, venture out of your comfort zone and visit somewhere new. Explore a new city. Try something new with your girls!

This is the perfect excuse for you to go somewhere new or try something you’ve never done. If you’re feeling brave, you can try a bit of pole dancing, or improve your art skills with a nude life drawing class. Remember, it’s all light-hearted fun. There is no one better to do this with than the special women in your life! Walk away proud of want you have accomplished and the memories you have created together.

5) Create lasting memories

Your hen do will always have a special place in your heart. There will be so many memories, laughter, and even embarrassing moments!

Hopefully we have inspired you to have the night of your life with our top 5 reasons to throw a hen do!

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