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Top 5 Wedding Gifts

21 Dec 2016

Finding the perfect wedding gift is a bit of a dilemma! You want to get the bride and groom something personal, but something that will also be put to good use!

Hopefully you will be lucky enough to have a wedding gift registry to view. Then there will be no worrying and certainty that the newlyweds truly want that gift! Even if it is a toaster.

Group of women with their arms in the air in a very clean, peach coloured room
Top 5 Wedding Gifts From Butlers With Bums

However, if you are invited to a wedding that has no such thing, then the hair-pulling process of finding the suitable gift suddenly consumes your whole life! So, the Hen Fairy have created a list of wedding gifts that shouldn’t break the bank and should hopefully satisfy the newlyweds!

Original Artwork

This may be a bit of a risky gift. But, if you know the newlyweds’ tastes, and they are the artistic types, original artwork is the perfect gift! It could be a framed painting of the place where they met or a painting you know would look perfect in their living room.


You really can’t go wrong with money! After a huge wedding, there are a lot of expenses, so it is nice for the newlyweds to have some extra money to spend. Some may think this present is thoughtless, however a married couple are sure to be thankful to the money towards their home!

Contributing to the honeymoon

The next step in the married couples life is the honeymoon. There is nothing better than giving them some holiday vouchers to put towards their dream destination! This truly is the ideal present for those saving up for that once in a lifetime holiday!


Butler holding a pink rose and box of chocolates posing for a photo
Buff Butlers from Butlers With Bums

Spa Vouchers

No newlyweds can complain about vouchers for a good pampering or massage! After the stress and craziness of the wedding, you can treat your bride and groom to an unwinding pamper session to allow them to indulge in the ultimate relaxation.

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