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What is it Like to Go Naked at Brighton Pride?

22 Aug 2016
Large group of butlers outside with the word Adonis painted on their chests
No one does Brighton Pride like Butlers with Bums!

Our guys at Butlers with Bums love a party. When that party includes a parade and an excuse to bare their buff bods in public, it’s even better! It was a beautifully sunny Brighton Pride 2016 and there were lots of helping hands to rub in the sun cream!

Pride Brighton & Hove is the hottest date in the UK’s LGBT calendar, boasting the UK’s biggest Pride festival stage. Pride 2016 was as fabulous as you would expect. We were happy to have played a cheeky role as part of the fantastic ADONIS Cabaret show.

History of Brighton Pride

Brighton has a long tradition of celebrating LGBT pride. Even the Victorians knew they would get a friendly welcome when they reached the pebbly shores. It has more same-sex households per capita than any other city in the UK, and a thriving LGBT community of shops, clubs, and organisations to keep them entertained.

As glittery and frivolous as it may appear on the surface, Brighton Pride has serious political roots. It started in reaction to a law which made it illegal to promote homosexuality intentionally, or teach acceptability of homosexuality and same-sex families in schools. The modern embodiment of Brighton Pride started with a protest march in 1988 and has organically evolved into a fantastic two-day celebration of love and promotion of LGBT equality and rights.


What is Pride?

Brighton Pride isn’t just a march; it’s a weekend packed with performances, art, parties, sports, and even a dog show. The community parade, which this year attracted more than 300,000 spectators and participants – Butlers with Bums among them – is still at the beating heart of the weekend. If you’ve never been to a Pride event before, you’re really missing out. The atmosphere is amazing – it’s like a choreographed city-sized hug covered with feathers and sequins all set to a disco soundtrack.

Themed around the United Nations, this year’s celebrations shone a spotlight on the global LGBT community’s continual bravery to fight for acceptance and equal rights. The overwhelming mood was of fun and optimism, though there were some poignant moments as revellers remembered the victims of hate crimes, and there was a minute’s silence on Saturday to commemorate those who died in the mass shooting in Orlando.


2016 Lineup

The Brighton Pride 2016 line-up was the biggest ever! Carly Rae Jepsen headlined a list that included disco divas Sister Sledge, Alesha Dixon, DJ Fresh, and Pam Ann. One of the highlights of the weekend (apart from Butlers with Bums, of course) was Pride Village Party. The open air street party ran along Marine Parade and St James Street. It’s the perfect choice if you’re with a group of friends and you can’t decide what to do, as it’s such a great mix of food and music. Stop off for a drink and some live comedy, then move down the street for cocktails and cabaret, before heading a bit further along for shots and a DJ. PVP is every amazing night out you’ve ever had all rolled into one.


Butlers with Bums

Butlers with Bums were out in force at Brighton & Hove Pride as part of the ADONIS cabaret. This is a big weekend for our guys, and they certainly put in the hours preparing for it. One of Brighton’s most popular tickets, ADONIS is a glistening vision of honed male bodies. The mix of drag, comedy and hot male strippers delivers the most fun you’ll ever have at a hen night. That’s saying something from a city known for its party spirit!

As well as performing for The ADONIS Cabaret, our butlers were out in the crowds. They were making friends and doing their bit to ensure everyone was enjoying themselves, and raising money for charity. Dressed in nothing but an apron and a bow-tie, Butlers with Bums are a great way to liven up your next charity fundraising event.


The Only Way is Essex

When they’re not walking through Brighton’s streets in the skimpiest of aprons, Butlers with Bums are busy serving breakfast in bed to celebrities. This week it was Edd’s turn to show why he’s one of our most in-demand butlers. His morning service left a lasting impression on Bobby when he appeared on The Only Way is Essex.

If you missed it then make sure you check out the clip on our Facebook page.


Get Your Hands on Your Own Sexy Butler

You don’t have to be a celeb to have a buff butler mix your cocktails, pose for life drawings, or deliver your breakfast. Butlers with Bums butlers aren’t only eye candy. These guys are hard working professionals who take their responsibility to make sure every guest has an amazing time.

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