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Cheeky, Gorgeous Event Staff: Look the Part

Prices start from just £40 per hour

Do you remember the best thing about the last event that you went to? Because most of the guests at events our hardworking staff have attended sure do! We’re not there to steal any thunder, but simply add the fun, sexy visuals to the services that all events require.

You can’t put a price on experience, and that is why our butlers make such brilliant event staff; from corporate events to Christmas parties, no ‘do’ is too big or small. Our staff are versatile, adaptable – and are capable of adding that special something that will keep people talking for weeks after.

To become one of our team is no easy task, with thousands of wannabe applicants – but it’s only the best that make it through. On top of the physique and professionalism we look for in our staff, personality is the most important factor – as it’s not only looking good that makes a good butler. With over 300 carefully selected, gorgeous men and women on our books, we’re as confident as them that our service will go a long way to making your event unforgettable.

If you’d like to add some gorgeous glamour to your event, our prices are extremely competitive, and start from just £40 (£20per hour, minimum 2 hours).

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Event Staff
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