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5 Reasons to Hire a Naked Butler for your Hen Party

1 Dec 2022

Hen Party

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a great honour, however, it also comes with the responsibility of planning the Hen Party, which can bring with it a great deal of stress.


Choosing the appropriate entertainment is, in our opinion, one of the most challenging aspects of Hen Party planning, since it can be difficult to find something that will appeal to everyone, including the bride, while also making it a truly memorable occasion.


Despite some brides’ desire for naughtiness, it’s not always appropriate to invite a stripper to the Hen Party, particularly when mothers, grandmothers, or inlaws are in attendance. Additionally, not every girl wants to be confronted by a fully naked man on her hen do. Therefore, if you’re planning a hen party and want a little bit of nudity without the full monty, a Naked Butler is a great alternative, as they strike the perfect balance between cheekiness and sophistication, ensuring that everyone has an unforgettable Hen Party experience. 


Below, we’ve outlined 5 reasons how a Naked Butler can help make your Hen Party one to remember.


They Can Serve Food and Drink

Hen Party Life Drawing

When it comes to throwing a Hen Party, you want to be able to enjoy your evening without having to run back and forth from the kitchen to keep your guests’ glasses topped up. As a result, a Naked Butler can alleviate this stress by serving food, pouring prosecco, retrieving canapés, and clearing tables. They will make sure that neither your nor your guests’ glasses are ever empty!

They Can Mix Cocktails 

Cocktails are an absolute must at a Hen Party. They are not only delicious, but they are also a great way to start the evening and ensure that everyone has a good time. Aside from looking great, many Buff Butlers are experts at concocting exciting cocktails, adding an extra special touch to your evening. Just make a special request and see what happens!


They Can Host Party Games

Butlers Playing Hen Party Games

A Hen Weekend isn’t complete without some fun games to break the ice and get everybody giggling, and Naked Butlers are able to join in on the fun! They are experts at leading the perfect party game and they also make great participants too! From Make your Own Bride to Pass the Cucumber, they are always up for getting involved! Check out our complete Hen Party Games guide here


They Can Get the Conversations Flowing 

Girls with Naked Butler at Hen Party

When you’ve got a mixed group of the bride’s friends, things can get a little awkward, and it can sometimes be difficult to get the conversations flowing. Our Butlers, however, are fantastic at breaking the ice and getting the conversation bubbling. They are, after all, more than just a pretty face; they are charismatic, polite, and charming, and they know exactly how to get the party started and bring everybody together.


They Can Take Pictures with the Group

Naked Butler Taking Photo with Women at Hen Party

The appeal of a Buff Butler is not only his cheeky smile but also his toned physique, so make sure to include him in your hen party photos. He’ll make them truly memorable and a topic of conversation for years to come – just don’t forget to ask them to turn around!  You could even send him out into the crowd with a disposable camera…you never know what kind of photos you’ll get back!


So, what are you waiting for? Contact our helpful bookings team today to learn more about how our Buff Butlers can make your Hen Party truly unforgettable!

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