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7 Sensational Ideas For A Liverpool Hen Do

9 Jun 2018

The Hen Party is one of the most important parts of wedding preparation. This is the time for you to gather your friends (and maybe the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom) together and just celebrate your upcoming nuptials. You want it to be big and special and reflect who you are as a person before you have a day of who you will be as a married couple. If you are in Liverpool, this is just a handful of ways to make your Liverpool hen party unique and utterly unforgettable.

Rent a hotel room

This is a simple yet absolutely fantastic experience. Rent out a luxury penthouse suite and enjoy all the luxuries that it has to offer. These rooms can contain dancefloors, jacuzzi hot tubs, and stocked bars that you and up to 30 people can enjoy. This can be a quiet night in with cocktails or a ruckus that ends up on par with a rock star’s bedroom. You can also add on a buff butler that will perfect addition to your hen night  If nothing else, this will be a once in a lifetime experience that will perfectly accompany your wedding day.

Liverpool hen party at signature living hotel
Pool party room at the signature living hotel

Cocktail making

The perfect day out for the lover of cocktails! Drink the old classics and concoct your own boozy masterpiece. Learn how to use the shakers and mixers so you can wow your new hubby with your skills. This can be a class with a professional watching over you, helping you with the finer details, or for a cheaper (and likely more chaotic) event, why not try your hand at a few online recipes? No one will question you being a little heavy handed.

Gin tasting

If you like the finer side of alcohol, this might be the Liverpool hen party for you. Taste your way through brands and numerous years of the finest gin with you and your bridesmaids. A more classy way of getting just a little bit merry.

Liverpool hen party idea gin tasting
Three gin cocktails

Dance like a single (though not for long) lady

Dance classes are always a fun activity and a fantastic social experience. You don’t have to be good, you don’t have to throw yourself completely into it – you just need to enjoy yourself. Succeed in following the steps, you have a posse to celebrate with. Make a mistake, you have people to laugh with and who will pick you up afterwards. The best part is that you can pick any dance you want – salsa, tap, pop, kpop, burlesque or pole dancing (if you’re feeling a little bit risque). There are even some offers for fantastic Beyonce classes, where you can learn the moves to your favourite Beyonce tracks and feel the power of Lemonade within you!

Pamper day

A classic hen party always involves some pampering beforehand, so why not make a day of it? Book in at a spa or hire a skilled professional to make a home visit. Get massaged, plucked and pruned. Become the freshest version of yourself you can be. Just relax and enjoy someone else looking after you for a change! Pair this with an evening of dinner and drinks and you have one classy Liverpool hen party.

Liverpool hen party pamper party
Two women at a spa being pampered

Silent disco

This is an unusual yet amazingly fun Liverpool hen party idea. You would think that being in a room full of people with headphones on is just like being on the train – no one talking, everyone lost in their own worlds. But then you have never been to a silent disco before. There are headphones, yes, but there is something uniquely entertaining in watching a line of your friends listening to (and dancing to, of course) the cha cha slide whilst those at the table to your left are slow grinding. It’s one of those experiences that can be tailored to you and your friends. It also puts a real spin on the concept of a club night!

Vintage photoshoot

This is a day of self-care but with a twist. This can have all the benefits of a spa day – the massages and the creams and the oils and the mud baths – paired with the star treatment that your favourite celebrities get. Have your makeup and hair done by professional stylists, and then it’s all about posing in front of the camera. In petticoats and polka dots, you can wow with your friends and family with this fantastic keepsake – a photograph that is worth a thousand words after all.

Liverpool hen party vintage photo shoot
A hen party posing for a vintage photoshoot

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