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The Life of A Buff Butler

6 Jul 2018

Ever wanted to know what the day-to-day life of a Butler with Bums is like? We know that they are hunky and gorgeous but that is just a small part of the life of a butler. It takes far more to be good at this job than just taking off your clothes and smiling.

Put aside all your stereotypes and misconceptions – here we are delivering the hard truth!

Life of a butler at a hen party
Three buff butlers at a hen party with a group of girls

Morning Calls!

Like every other nine to five office job, our butlers need to get up and out regardless of whether they have been working the night before! A lot of our butlers are working other jobs at the same time, so have to split their time between a suit and tie and an apron – not something you want to get confused!

The life of a butler means waking up early. “I wake up at 6am every day,” Dominic, one of our butlers, stated, “Like anyone else who has to wake up early in the morning, it can be tough especially if you’ve been working until 2am, 3am the night before. Sometimes I’ll give myself a lie in but it doesn’t happen often – I have work to do during the day that I can’t ignore, even if I would prefer to just sleep.”

Look After Yourself

It goes without saying that part of the job is looking after yourself. That means eating healthy, moisturising your skin and visiting the gym – for some of our butlers, these gyms visits can be hours at a time to keep their bodies in tip-top condition.

One of our butlers commented, “I don’t mind admitting that I am a high maintenance guy – I consider it part of my job. If a woman is going to hire me as a male model for a life drawing hen night, for example, she deserves me looking the best I can.”

He also mentioned that every day he has to shave his chest hair and has haircuts every two weeks to keep a perfect look, as well as having frequent spray tans to keep a beach holiday glow. The life of a butler is definitely a lot of maintenance.

Life of a butler - grooming himself
Attractive man getting his haircut

It’s Gym Time

It is a must as a Butler with Bums team member that you keep yourself fit. This means a quite active attendance at the local gym. It can be a unifying experience with butlers working together to make sure that the others are keeping up.

“A couple of us train together so it’s as much sociable as it is physical,” Sean stated, “I am a regular runner – nothing too serious although I do think it would be cool to run a marathon at some point. Once I pushed it too far, landed wrong and caused some damage to my leg – it wasn’t anything serious, it was an injury that could happen to any athlete, but it did mean that I had to retire the fireman lift for a little while.”

Life of a butler going to the gym
Toned and muscly man lifting weights at the gym

Work, Work, Work

You have primed and beautified yourself so now it is time to get down to work. Our butlers are hired for hundreds of different kind of events and have to be prepared to adapt to the crowd they are working with. Examples of this can be life drawing, house parties or afternoon tea.

“I love my work as a butler,” Sean declared, “It is so much fun and no event is the same. I’m a friendly guy and enjoy talking to people so a job like this is perfect for me. Some women like me to get involved with their party, while for others I am there more as a decoration or to be their waiter. No job feels like any other because every group of hens is different, and that’s one of the reasons I like it so much.”

“It makes you feel like you are a celebrity,” Alex confessed, “It’s a performance and you’re centre stage. You have to be versatile and quick to read the room and the people you’re talking to. It can be a challenge sometimes – at the beginning especially, but I’ve been doing this for over two years now and it’s like second nature to me now.”

Life of a butler at a hen party
A buff butler giving a bride to be chocolates and a rose

Family and Friends

Sometimes the hardest part of this job can be family and friends knowing. Sexuality is something that society is still in the habit of frowning upon, even if everyone does it. As a butler with us, you make a choice who you tell and who you don’t.

“I told my mum about six months into doing this,” Alex explained, “I don’t think she was very surprised. As a kid, I was dramatic at times and I did like to put on a show.” He laughed and added, “I told my mates quite quickly after that. I got a lot of questions and a few times, they teased me about it but honestly, I thought they were just jealous. I mean, they would be, wouldn’t they? How many other guys get to be the centre of so much female attention?”

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