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Everything You Need To Know About Ex On The Beach

6 Aug 2018

At this point in time, everyone has heard of Ex On The Beach. Whether you enjoy watching it or have only seen the highlights. Or when the news feels the need to report it, you cannot deny the popularity of this reality television show. So for those who want to know more because they love the show or just want to get their head around what it actually is. Keep reading and you’ll get all your answers!


Ex On The Beach is an MTV reality television show and is essentially a dating show. It features eight single men and eight single women all looking for love whilst enjoying the summer sun in paradise. However, as the title of the show suggests, it is not going to be that simple when their exes turn up.  Either to get revenge or rekindle lost love.

There are multiple versions of this show all over the world, including countries such as Hungary, Brazil and the Netherlands. The UK version was announced in February 2014 and aired two months later in April 2014. It has run for eight seasons, the most recent one airing in January 2018. Andrew Maxwell, the Irish comedian narrates the show.

Just A Tad Obscene For TV

As you would expect, this is not a show for the naive or prudish. The show frequently airs the less than innocent aspects of love and romance. Therefore, it has recieved a lot of criticism. Here are just a few:

Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson was filmed having sex on camera with her new ‘bae’ during the filming of series 8.

In series six, Zahida Allen and Scott Pratt got together and seemed to be on their way to true love. Until Pratt lived up to his name and went out on a date with his ex-girlfriend, Taylor. What proceeded was a messy conflict with Taylor claiming the only reason why Scott went with Zahida was that he felt sorry for her. Consquently, a sub-sequential fight breaking out between Scott and Sean, who is now with Zahida.

The fifth season treated viewers to a threesome between Gary Beadle, Olivia Walsh and Charlotte Dawson. However, Beadle was on a break with then-girlfriend Charlotte Crosby. Whom he had promised that nothing would happen on the show.

Also in the fifth season, Jemma Lucy and Kayleigh Morris ended up in an explosive fight over Kayleigh’s ex Ashley Cain, who had taken a fancy to Jemma. Kayleigh dumped Jemma’s make-up in the pool and there was a physical fight that ended when Jemma put her hands around Kayleigh’s throat and they had to be separated by security. Two days of isolation later, it was decided that Jemma should leave the villa.

Season three saw Jordan Davis proposing to Megan McKenna. It was a romance that didn’t end well. McKenna appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and blasted Jordan for “embarrassing” her on television. Jordan returned to Ex On The Beach in season 5 as a single man.

4 attractive girls on ex on the beach
4 good looking girls wearing bikinis on a beach


In December 2017, a spin-off show was announced called Ex on The Beach: Body SOS. It was presented by Vicky Pattison, with her attempting to help members of the public lose weight. It aired in January 2018.

The show has taken place in Spain, Thailand, and Portugal.

Cast members have not just appeared on Ex On The Beach. Some of them originally made their name on other reality shows, such as Big Brother and The Challenge, such as Chanelle McCleary and Kayleigh Morris.

According to The Sun Newspaper, Marnie Simpson threatened to quit Ex On The Beach if producers brought on her cheating ex, Lewis Bloor. She said in an interview: “If he had appeared I would have walked.”
23-year-old Kristina Metcalf left the show prematurely due to the bed-hopping nature of the show, expressing that she wanted to “keep her dignity”.

Emily Gillard in Season 1 described herself as “the worst girlfriend ever” during pre-show interviews. That season also featured Farah Sattaur, who was a Playboy Bunny, dancer, model, and held two Beauty Queen titles in the Philippines and Guyana.

Stephen Bear (who was on Ex On The Beach season 5) won Celebrity Big Brother in 2016 and is considered the most divisive winner in the show’s history.

ex on the beach guy with abs
Guy with a six pack and a srurfoard at a beach

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