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Hen Party Dares

12 Dec 2016

Hen Party Dares are a fabulous way to get the group giggling. It is also a great way to help connect the members of the group who may not know each other well. You can alter the challenges slightly, so that they are personalised to the bride-to-be and make up your own hilarious hen party dares! The dares don’t just have to be for the blushing bride (which she will be) – the bridesmaids can all give them a go too!

Hen Party Dare Cards

The best way to organise the hen party dares is printing them off on a card and, if you want to be super crafty, laminating them! You can make up your own, or use suggestions from us and print them off before your party.

Woman drinking from a butlers stomach


Here at Butlers with Bums we think it is really important to let the bride-to-be know how she is getting on with all those embarrassing dares! Therefore, we have come up with a scoring metric based on how many hen party dares she manages to complete. You could bring prizes for each round she completes. We have also come up with some prize ideas.

1-10 – Crap                                           Prize: Toilet Paper Veil

11-20 – Alright                                      Prize: Haribo Rings

21-30 – Getting Better                         Prize: Willy Straw

31-40 – Come On Girl                          Prize: Willy Lipstick

41-50 – You Animal                              Prize: Blow up Husband

51-53 – Time To Take Her Home!    Prize: Willy Trophy

Here are a few of our favourite Hen party dares ready to print:

Order a drink in a strange accent. Wear a bridal veil completely made of toilet roll.
Sing along to a local football team chant. Make a cocktail behind the bar.
Exchange a piece of clothing with a man. Persuade a stranger to buy you a drink.
Kiss a bald man’s head. For the next 30 minutes you cannot say “No” to anything.
Go behind the bar and ring the bell for last orders. Flirt with someone outside of your group in a funny voice.
Kiss a barman. Swap shoes with a man.
Sing a song for your bridesmaids. Blow a kiss to a random stranger across the room.
Fake an orgasm. Serenade a stranger.
Do 30 seconds of Irish dancing. Get a signed coaster from a barman.
Wear a bra over your top. Buy a hot man a drink.
Fit a condom over a bottle using only your mouth. Say “Hey sexy” to 3 people you don’t know.
Collect as many guy’s phone numbers as you can in 10 minutes! Approach a stranger and pretend you’ve known him for years…
Phone Mum and say the wedding is off. Pretend to be someone famous to get a free drink.
Talk to a stranger and pretend you know him from your childhood. Collect as many men’s boxer shorts as you can in 10 minutes.
Kiss two Brothers. Ask a random guy to marry you.

Get a man to sign your chest.

Kiss the tallest man nearby. Swap clothes with someone.
Snog a friend. Kiss someone’s bottom!
Sing “like a virgin”. Speak in a foreign accent all night.
Remove a friend’s item of clothing. Throw your pants or bra at a man nearby.

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