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Hen Party Ideas in Bournemouth

7 Apr 2014

So you’ve been entrusted to throw an unforgettable weekend party for your fellow hens in Bournemouth? Great! It’s the perfect way to seal the bond amongst friends. Worried you don’t have any hen party ideas in Bournemouth? Stay calm and don’t panic! We have all you need to make the party more enjoyable and more fun. There are various ways to add colour and fun to the event. After spending a long week at work, the opportunity to unwind is much awaited by everybody. A hen party can be a great way to relax and unwind. Read on for our hen party ideas in Bournemouth…


Women in pink clinging their drinks together


Naked Butlers will make your hen party successful


One sure fire way to bring instant laughter to the faces of the party guests is to dress up differently. You could set a particular theme, or allow the guests to be dressed in their own choice (as long as their choice is exceptionally wild!). Remember: the more bizarre it is, the more fun it will be to watch! Since it’s amongst friends, there won’t be any problem to go to the extremes. ‘Jungle’ or ‘Bunnies’ themes are both popular hen party choices.


Butler posing for a photo


Naked Butlers will make your hen party successful


Stuck for ideas?

Stuck for hen party ideas in Bournemouth? We can arrange various fun games your guests will be happy to take part in. If you think that you don’t have enough ideas, why not hire our professional butlers? It couldn’t be easier to book one of our Butlers with Bums to turn your event into a roaring success! These professionals are extremely helpful and so funny have around. They will arrange funny games that will help your guests unwind and forget the stresses of work or anything else. Hire one of our hunky butlers from Butlers with Bums today!

Let us do all the work!

If you would like us to arrange your entire hen party or want more suggestions for hen party ideas in Bournemouth, why not visit our sister site? Click the link here:

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