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Maintaining your Etiquette at a Hen Party

25 Jul 2014

Maintaining your etiquette at a Hen Party

Party nights with the ladies are always full of fun and excitement – especially if our hunky Butlers with Bums are involved! They can appear as firemen, builders, policemen, James Bond impersonators, gladiators or cowboys. Flirting skills and naughtiness will be turned up to the max but, while putting the saying ‘You Only Live Once’ into practise, ensure that you show a little restraint otherwise trouble is bound to brew. Need a little advice on maintaining your etiquette at a hen party? Just read on…

Control Your Alcohol Intake

Know your limits! If you think you’re only a glass away from being drunk, just stop. Tell your friends that you’ve had enough and that you have to drive in the morning. You don’t want to make a show of yourself by crying or, worse, being sick! Drunken debauchery can be the root of evil, causing complications and misunderstandings. A good drink on a night out gives strength to the party atmosphere but don’t cross the line!

Eat in Advance

A good way to control the effects of alcohol is to eat a good meal before going to the party. Drinking on an empty stomach will likely end up ruining your night.

Treat the Buff Butlers with Courtesy

Although these butlers are hired to entertain as they tease and dance, remember to treat them with respect. Our Butlers with Bums really know how to have fun and will always go with the flow but refrain from overstepping the mark and do not request any personal extra services from them.

Don’t Mention Sensitive Subjects

Although we are all entitled to exercise our own opinions, a hen party is not the right venue to defend your political or religious beliefs. Talking about these sensitive subjects may cause you to offend other people and could end up causing a serious misunderstanding. Also refrain from giving advice to anyone under the influence, as you might end up causing an argument or fight.

This article simply serves as a reminder before you go to that much-awaited hen do with your friends and acquaintances. You can still have fun while maintaining your etiquette at a hen party!

If you or any of your friends are planning to host a hen party and you want an exciting way of entertaining your guests, contact Butlers with Bums to guarantee your party will be one to remember. They are charismatic, hunky, and very, very cheeky!

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