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The Wedding Planner

26 Sep 2017

Anyone who’s started planning their own wedding knows that the work involved can be quite overwhelming. If you’re finding it all too much, you might even have considered hiring a professional wedding planner. Although, after watching the film The Wedding Planner, you’ll probably have second thoughts!

The Wedding Planner

The plot of The Wedding Planner revolves around professional San Francisco wedding planner, Mary Fiore. After a chance encounter throws her into the path of local doctor Steve Edison, Mary finds herself falling for him. As chance would have it, Steve ends up being the future groom in a society wedding that Mary has been hired to plan.

Mary must decide whether to stay professional or admit her feelings for Steve, who’s also having second thoughts about marrying his fiancee. All the while, she’s busy making plans with the bride… Awkward! We won’t spoil the ending but if you’ve seen one or two Hollywood rom-coms, you can probably guess how things work out.

So, if you’re planning your own wedding, how do you get started?


Set Your Budget

Start by working out how much you want to spend and setting a budget. You’ll probably want to discuss this with your partner and possibly with your parents if they’re going to help you out financially.

If you haven’t yet set a date or if you’re planning a few years in advance, you might want to start a savings plan to help you save the money in time.


Set a Date

It helps to have a date to work towards. Although, you might want to have some flexibility here in case a venue you have your heart set on is already booked.

Consider what season you want to get married in (keeping UK weather in mind). Think about any special dates that you might want to recognise, such as the anniversary of the date you met.


Choose a Venue

The venue will suck up a large portion of your budget and it will also determine the number of guests you can invite. And it might even determine your date, so it’s important to get it right.

It’s normal for popular venues to be booked years in advance. So don’t leave this until the last minute.

Visit a few different venues and see which one feels right. Try to bear in mind the practicalities. You may opt for one venue for the wedding ceremony and the reception, or you may decide to hold the reception at a different location. In this case, you’ll want to make sure it’s within reasonable travelling distance.


Choose Your Dress

For many brides, the dress is the most important part of the wedding. Take your time choosing it, and make a fun day of it by bringing your mother, sister or best friends along. You can start thinking about bridesmaid dresses at the same time.

Choosing a wedding dress


Hire Suppliers

You’ll need to find and book suppliers for catering, flowers, the cake, photography and possibly decorating, a DJ or live band and other services.

Prices can vary quite a lot. Therefore, it’s worth researching and doing some comparisons before you make your final choice. As with venues, popular suppliers get booked up fast, so give yourself plenty of time.


Send Out the Invitations

Once you’re in the swing of things, start thinking about invitations. Even if your wedding is a year in the future, think about sending out cards to let your guests know the date.

There’s as much choice when it comes to wedding stationery as there is for dresses and cakes. Look at lots of different samples and choose something that reflects your wedding theme.

Plan Your Hen Party

Plan the event for a few weeks before your wedding, so you’ve got leeway to focus on last-minute preparations… And you’ve got plenty of time to recover!

This is when you let your hair down and enjoy your last days of single life with your best friends. If it’s good times and lasting memories you’re after, Butlers with Bums specialises in a whole host of party celebrations that include Hen Party Life Drawing and a Cocktail Masterclass. Let the fun and frolics begin!

Topless butlers

Our topless butlers will be happy to serve drinks and mix cocktails. And, they’ll even join in with some cheeky games. Butlers with Bums boasts some of the UK’s fittest male models, who are ready and waiting to make your hen party a night to remember!

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