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The Wedding Singer Guide

20 Sep 2018

This 1998 rom-com grossed 123.3 million worldwide and is one of Adam Sandler’s most loved movies. The quirky film shows what it’s like to be forever the wedding singer and never the groom. With his unique, honest and genuinely hilarious portrayal, Sandler captures the pain of being an entertainer perfectly. His character Robbie Heart epitomises all of the fun and full-blown disasters that come with being the life and soul of every wedding party.

bride holding flowers

What’s the story?

Robbie Heart, a charmer and singer of 80’s pop hits, is the perfect wedding entertainer. He can get the crowd going no matter what’s going wrong behind the scenes. But, when the cool, calm and collected Robbie meets waitress Julia at a wedding they’re both working, he finds himself more than a little flustered. Both Robbie and Julia find someone else to marry and begin to prepare for their separate weddings, but it becomes obvious that they’ve made the wrong choices.

Bridal flowers and shoes

The funniest scenes

Everyone who’s seen The Wedding Singer knows that George, the keyboardist in Robbie’s band, positively adores Boy George. The singer is therefore referenced throughout the film. Whenever Robbie’s George is given the opportunity, he takes to the stage with a fantastic rendition of Boy George’s pop classic ‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?’ A song that, by the way, sold nearly 2 million copies. It’s funny the first time, and it only gets funnier when it keeps popping up throughout themovie, probably because George always seems to choose the most awkward moments to start singing.

wedding cake

The wedding

By the end of the film, Robbie and Julia manage to make it into each other’s arms. Robbie gives up his position as the entertainer and instead becomes the groom. In the last scene, we finally get to see the happy couple kissing at their wedding.

Bride and groom in wedding photo

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