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Top Five Christmas Hen Party Ideas

21 Dec 2015

With Christmas taking over December, having a hen party in the winter months can feel like it is being overshadowed by the festive season. However, there are some great ways that you can incorporate Christmas into your winter hen party to make it a fun and memorable event. So, keep reading for our top five Christmas hen party ideas!

Our Butlers with Bums all ready for Christmas

Christmas Market

When you are going out for a hen party during the Christmas period, you should definitely take in the sights and sounds of a Christmas Market. Lots of towns and cities hold Christmas Markets, and some have themes such as Victorian Christmas. These markets are usually open during the day and the evening. They are a perfect low-key way to spend a hen party.

Bridal Brunch in a Log Cabin

For those who want to enjoy a bridal brunch with a Christmas twist, you could hire a log cabin. There are several locations across the UK, as well as in Europe and Scandinavia, that will allow you to hire a log cabin for a few days. You can host a Christmas-themed bridal brunch in wintery settings, complete with the roaring fire. Bliss!

Candy Canes and Gingerbread

Creative hen parties are always lots of fun, especially if your hen party will include younger and older relations. Activities could include making gingerbread men, gingerbread houses, mince pies and other seasonal treats. Then, you could hold a festive afternoon tea party, serving all of the treats you made.

Christmas Butlers

Hiring a naked butler can bring a little bit of cheeky fun to your Christmas hen party. Not only can you have a festively dressed butler serving your guests, but you can design the cocktails and food that they serve as well. From eggnog and mulled wine to hot rum punch, there are plenty of cocktails to offer your guests.

Sleigh Rides and Skiing

There are plenty of cheap flights and accommodation available in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Many venues and hotels allow bridal parties to enjoy winter wonderland as a backdrop to some winter sports. With sleigh rides, skiing and log cabin accommodation available, this is a hen party option for those with a little more spare cash. For those who can’t take time off work or those with tighter budgets, there are indoor ski slopes that will allow you to enjoy some winter sports at a fraction of the cost.


A superhero party can involve super-villains and arch-nemeses, and gives people the chance to either make their own costumes or buy/rent them. From the classic choices of Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman and Captain America to the simple Agents of Shield, Agent Carter and Lex Luther, there are costumes for everyone.



Though it doesn’t immediately sound like a great idea for a party, robots is a theme that you can throw a costume together for in a few minutes. There are lots of different robots out there that you can use for inspiration. The Terminator, i-Robot, Tron, Stepford Wives or the classic square robot – no matter what level of dressing up people want to engage on, there is something for everyone.

Independence Day

The 4th July is an event that is marked in the USA, but it’s also a great theme for UK parties any time of the year. You can dress as the American Flag, Captain America or come as one of many different icons that America has produced. Independence Day is a theme that has a lot more choice for costumes than any other party theme.

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