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Top Reasons to Have a Cocktail Masterclass

1 Mar 2017
If you’re planning your hen party, read about our Top Reasons to Have a Cocktail Masterclass. The perfect activity might just be a cocktail masterclass. Our masterclasses allow you and the girls to enjoy the sun while sipping on some delicious cocktails. The two-hour session includes an experienced mixologist, who is the perfect host to guide you through the world of cocktails.

Cocktail with Segments of Lime

Stress Free

You don’t need to worry about getting any ingredients or equipment as we have it all covered! Our mixologists will turn up with the whole lot! The butlers will supply all of the alcohol, mixers, cocktail-making equipment, sundries (napkins, straws, stirrers), cocktail glasses and decorations (fruit, umbrellas). They will even arrive to your venue earlier to set up and get ready to serve your cocktails for the start time. This makes our masterclasses totally stress-free, as all you need to organise is getting you and your group there!
Group of women attempting to make cocktails

Professional Mixologist

Our experienced mixologists are great fun as well as professional. They really do know all the tricks of the trade and are an absolute blast. With their friendly attitude and expertise, they will ensure that all of the guests are having a fantastic time. Their cocktails are utterly scrumptious and are sure to please the whole group.
Butler Serving Cocktails

3 Cocktails Each and Shots

The best hen parties involve alcohol. With this class, you’ll be getting just that! You and your guests will get three scrumptious cocktails each, as well as some tasty shots! Our mixologists will make these up for you using only the finest ingredients. After, they will even show you how to make your own yummy cocktails, so you too will be an expert in mixology!
Two Cocktails on a table

Competitive Fun

There will be a chance to play some fun games at the end where you and your pals get the chance to show off your cocktail making skills. The games are bundles of fun!
Woman making a Cocktail

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