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Top Tips For Planning Your Perfect Hen Party

1 Dec 2021

Here at Butlers With Bums, we know that a lot of planning can go in to a hen do – and rightly so, it’s meant to be a fun event for the bride and her trusty hens to enjoy.

However, one thing to bear in mind is that it should be a fun time and planning should be as stress free as possible. Yes, we know there’ll be times you’ll need to reach for the rose wine while organising logistics and costs, but here are some trusty tips from us experts, on how to keep the planning process as light-hearted as possible…

How to keep hen do planning stress free…

1. Too many chefs spoil the broth

You’ve heard the saying, often too many chefs spoil the broth. In other words, don’t have ALL of the brides friends planning the hen do.

Bride, we’re talking to you, select a couple of people to do your planning for you – people who know you, you’re close to, and who’ll get the hen do bang on. This ensures decisions are made quickly and avoids the trouble of everyone bringing different ideas to the table and complicating things as a result.

Hen Party Budget

2. Decide the budget

Money can be a tricky thing to chat about, so it’s probably best to discuss with the other hens what the budget will be ahead of booking and planning.

Decide on a sum you’re all happy with so that there won’t be anyone leaving the WhatsApp group chat when it comes to the time of sharing the itinerary!

3. Tailor activities

Planning on going sky diving but the bride hates heights? Probably not the best idea. Obviously this is an extreme example, but, what we’re trying to say is don’t do anything the group wouldn’t be happy with, and try to tailor the activities to the guest list.

That said, we’re sure no-one would disagree with a Butlers with Bums experience…

4. Early bird catches the worm

So yo’ve planned the activities, tell the rest of the hens the chosen dates and none of them can make it? Eek. We’re feeling panicked just thinking about it.

It’s probably a good idea to have a chat about dates in the WhatsApp group, and decide on a time when you’re all available to party early on.

5. Deposit drama

Planning a hen do can be an expensive feat, so to make sure it’s fair for everyone involved why not collect the deposits first? That way, you won’t have to worry about chasing people for money. It’s sure to save time and heartache.

6. Numbers

Decide on numbers for the hen do and check everyone can make it. Oh, and if you’re organising on behalf of the bride, make sure you don’t forget anyone! Big groups can be super hard to organise for, so you could always split the hen into two separate parts.

We hope this helps with your hen do planning! Butlers with Bums are always on hand to make the party as smooth sailing (and peachy) as possible!


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