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Planning a hen party in Slough? We’ve got some tips for you!

Around twenty short miles west of London, in the heart of Berkshire, you’ll find the loveable and highly successful town of Slough. It’s in Berkshire now, but only after a few ownership wrangles over the years between Middlesex, Buckinghamshire and eventual winners Berkshire. Worth fighting for you might say, as not only home to David Brent and his fantastic TV series The Office, Slough also houses the largest singularly owned industrial estate in Europe. But that’s not what hen nights are about, and you definitely don’t want an awkward office party to celebrate your big night out… but as they say, work hard, play hard – and Slough certainly has the town centre to allow that. So, if you’re in charge of sorting the hen party and organising the plan – you’ve made the right choice in stopping by here, as a gorgeous buff butler is one essential item you can’t afford to miss off the list.

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Here at Butlers with Bums, we specialise in hunky naked waiters for your hen party’s pleasure. Greeting guests, serving up champagne, hosting party games and so much more – our dream guys are the best looking, buffest and most hunky in all of Slough – and are ready to be at your service.

Like Windsor and other towns located along the Thames, Slough is a successful region with plenty of disposable income – meaning the shops, restaurants and nightlife are of the highest quality. Perfect for a hen party… served by a semi-naked waiter, of course.


The town centre offers a mix of bars, pubs, and restaurants, providing a range of options for a night out. It’s not known for its bustling club scene, but there are several late-night venues with dance floors like the Deco Bar & Lounge where you can enjoy the latest music. Slough’s diverse population also means that you can find a variety of international cuisine like the Polish restaurant Bar Polski Oaza and themed bars, making it an exciting destination for food and drink enthusiasts. While it may not have the same reputation as larger cities, Slough’s nightlife is welcoming and lively, with a warm and friendly atmosphere, making it a suitable place for a casual night out or an evening of culinary exploration.

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Book our buff butlers and add some extra spice to your next event. Our handsome hunks are the perfect addition for any occasion, guaranteed to put you and your guests in the party mood.

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What kind of party are you planning?

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