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Cocktail Training Class

Cocktail Class Training Class 

All mixers and alcohol will be delivered to you before the booking via an online shop that we will arrange with you before the booking.

If you have any substitute items from the supermarket delivery that you are not going to you must decline them and hand them back to the driver to return. 

If you need to get some ice or extra ingredients on the way we will pay you this back, please send us the receipt via whatsapp. 

We offer the two clothing options below for each class – this will be detailed on the job texts. 

  1. In your full butler kit ( collar cuffs, bow tie and apron) 
  2. Black trousers, black shoes & white or black shirt.

Please ensure all the equipment is fully clean/dry and ready to use before each event.

You must arrive at least 20 minutes before the booking start time to set up and prepare for the class.

You will provide a brief tutorial on how to create some delicious cocktails, including what equipment is needed and how to use it correctly to create the ultimate cocktail. 

The idea is to make the class as interactive and fun as possible whilst teaching them to make 3 cocktails per person (sometimes 4 cocktails this will be detailed on the job information) 

IMPORTANT! Please collect all equipment at the end of the session


Ideas for a structure of the class 

Start by introducing yourself to the group and explain that you are going to teach them how to make 3 delicious cocktails per person. Split the group into teams of 2, 3 or 4 people depending on the size of the group.

Arrange for the Hen/Birthday girl to stand in front of the class and make the first cocktail with you. You can call her your glamorous assistant – this always gets a great response. Whilst making the cocktail with the Hen/Birthday girl explain the process to the rest of the group for them to follow along. 

You can get them to name each part of the equipment a rude/funny hen party names such as tits, willy ect so when they have to make the cocktail they have to call out the name of the equipment.

After each cocktail, you should line each cocktail up and ask the hen to sample each one and pick a winner for each round.

The class would be fun, high energy and interactive at all times. 


Ending The Session 

Once the class has finished please pack up ALL equipment and left over alcohol ready for your next event. You are responsible for ensuring no equipment or alcohol is left at the event. Please wash and clean all equipment and glassware ready for your next booking. 

Any breakages with glasses or equipment by the group must be reported to Butlers with Bums straight after the event or this may be deducted from your wages.


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