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18 Mar Foxy Floris Gets Glowing Review

Floris has had fantastic feedback recently and shown his dedication and professionalism on all jobs. From making contact with the client to confirm the event details to ensuring he is kept a surprise until he is revealed to the group!

7 May Naked Butlers in Leeds

Whenever you are arranging and organising a party, the thought of making the event an entertaining one will always be at the forefront of your mind. We always want everybody to like what we do, or what we arrange. So, what's the solution? Hiring naked butlers in Leeds, of course! Let our naked butlers do all the work! Ensuring all guests at the party are thoroughly entertained is no walk in the park.

7 May Naked Butlers in Newcastle

Partying is a fantastic way of having fun and relieving stress. What better way to lift your spirits and elevate your mood than to invite your nearest friends and family to spend some time together? Naked butlers in Newcastle Our very cheeky Butlers with Bums are being hired for all occasions! Whether it's a charity event, a hen do, or someone's special birthday, our naked butlers in Newcastle are always invited to the party! The craze for butlers is worldwide, but in particular cities of the UK including Newcastle, the craze is so huge! Why do they love them? Party organisers are very fond of our butlers.

22 Apr Cheeky Butlers Nottingham

What is the best way to get rid of all the stresses of your working week? How would you like to end your weekend on a positive note with our Cheeky Butlers Nottingham? What is that thing that helps us unwind, relax and forget the stresses of the week? A party, of course! After a long week at work, we all search for refreshment.

14 Apr Still Life Drawing Model in Edinburgh

Life drawing has become popular in many parts of the world. It is creative, interesting and very fun. In the UK and many other countries, party hosts are hiring life drawing models for hen nights and stag parties. Why? Because they make them exciting, unusual and very memorable! Therefore, hiring a life drawing model in Edinburgh is a must.

10 Apr Male Stripper in Brighton

Stripping has always been considered a form of art. When we utter the word "stripper", we ordinarily visualise women and the sensual attraction of the female body. However, the fact is, stripping can be just as equally (if not more!) pleasurable to watch when done by a male as well.

10 Apr Topless Waitress in Bournemouth

Add some visual fun to your party! Do you have a party ahead to organise? Are you the type to leave no stone unturned to make sure it's a really memorable one for every guest? You'll be checking everything from food items to snacks, drinks and music.

7 Apr Hen Party Ideas in Bournemouth

So you've been entrusted to throw an unforgettable weekend party for your fellow hens in Bournemouth? Great! It’s the perfect way to seal the bond amongst friends. Worried you don't have any hen party ideas in Bournemouth? Stay calm and don't panic! We have all you need to make the party more enjoyable and more fun.

3 Apr Cheeky Buff Butlers Bournemouth

There is hardly anyone in the world who doesn't like to party. Even just from time to time. It's the best way to unwind, let your hair down and forget the stresses of everyday life for the evening.  Even the so-called "serious faces" from your workplace will love to party from time to time.

31 Mar Hen Party Nottingham

Have a blast at your hen party by inviting butlers! Some milestones in life require extra special entertainment to make them truly memorable. A wedding tops the list of such occasions. Marriage is a huge step into a relatively unknown world. That last night before getting married is almost as equally important to some.

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