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Gay Events

The LGBT community of Butlers with Bums hometown Brighton is one of the largest in Britain and the seaside resort is generally accepted as being the unofficial ‘gay capital’ of the UK.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that we have a wide range of experience in hosting mixed and gay events. We take pride in the fact that our gorgeous butlers are available to cater for the needs of men as well as the ladies.

Our team and butlers are the most professional in the business and will create the perfect environment for any event with our relaxed and caring attitude. This means that planning your mixed or gay event couldn’t be any easier with us. You will not only a receive a hunky butler with chiselled abs and a confident personality but a gorgeous guy who will be relaxed and easy to get on with.

Gay Events

Our butlers will inject glamour and style into your mixed or gay event and keep all your guests entertained. Meaning that you can sit down and relax whilst your irresistible butler will serve you and your companions champagne and canapés.

Our hand picked hunks are perfect for your event as they are carefully selected for their good looks, great physique and outgoing personalities. We can also ensure that our buff butlers are intelligent individuals that will work hard to satisfy your needs.

We are proud to take part in Brighton’s Gay Pride where our gorgeous butler’s team up with our close friends the Adonis Male Cabaret to celebrate the LGBT community in their annual parade. You can check out our promo video below from Brighton Pride 2016 which show some of our hot hunks in action!

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, having a wedding, organising a dinner party or planning a stag weekend, or impressing a particular someone and you want your night to be that extra bit special. We have a wide range of sexy butlers with charming personalities waiting for you.

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