10 Apr Male Stripper in Brighton

Stripping has always been considered a form of art. When we utter the word "stripper", we ordinarily visualise women and the sensual attraction of the female body. However, the fact is, stripping can be just as equally (if not more!) pleasurable to watch when done by a male as well.

7 Apr Hen Party Ideas in Bournemouth

So you've been entrusted to throw an unforgettable weekend party for your fellow hens in Bournemouth? Great! It’s the perfect way to seal the bond amongst friends. Worried you don't have any hen party ideas in Bournemouth? Stay calm and don't panic! We have all you need to make the party more enjoyable and more fun.

3 Apr Cheeky Buff Butlers Bournemouth

There is hardly anyone in the world who doesn't like to party. Even just from time to time. It's the best way to unwind, let your hair down and forget the stresses of everyday life for the evening.  Even the so-called "serious faces" from your workplace will love to party from time to time.

31 Mar Hen Party Nottingham

Have a blast at your hen party by inviting butlers! Some milestones in life require extra special entertainment to make them truly memorable. A wedding tops the list of such occasions. Marriage is a huge step into a relatively unknown world. That last night before getting married is almost as equally important to some.

24 Mar Buff Butlers Leeds

It's the last night of your friend's single life before she is married. You have been given the epic task of ensuring it is packed with fun and entertainment, so that it turns out to be a truly memorable event. Often, this can prove to be a real headache.

19 Mar Cheeky Naked Buff Butlers in London

Make your party exciting, fun and unforgettable with our cheeky naked buff butlers in London! Last month, I was planning to throw a grand party to celebrate my first year of marriage. Friends and colleagues from everywhere were invited and their only demand was to make it a really fun night! This is where I began to get puzzled.

17 Mar Entertain Your Party Guests with Naked Butlers

No party night is complete without some entertainment. Who wants to attend a party where there is no fun? People go to parties to socialise, unwind, let their hair down and release the tension of a busy working week. There are other reasons to arrange or attend a party.

13 Mar Let the Buff Butlers Take Care of Your Party Entertainment

We all party to celebrate successes and enjoy life. We love making memories, taking photos, and being entertained. It helps us unwind and forget the stresses of busy life. The significance of a party increases when we have special occasions, like marriage, birthdays and anniversaries.

6 Mar Hen Party Ideas in Nottingham

Are you stuck for hen party ideas in Nottingham? Been tasked with making it the best party ever? A hen party is a very important celebration for the bride-to-be, as it is usually her last night as a bachelorette, before marriage. So, before deciding on the venue or entertainment, the bride should be consulted.

5 Mar Cheeky Buff Butlers London

Hire buff butlers to entertain your party guests It's always fun to celebrate success. Whether you've recently got a promotion, moved house or even got engaged, it's great to let your hair down and enjoy the successes of life. We all love taking time out of our stressful, busy lives to unwind, relax, and spend time with family and friends.

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