1 Mar Cheeky Buff Butlers Newcastle

Make your party the best with a buff butler! Parties help us socialise, unwind and re-energise from a long, stressful week. But, there's nothing more disappointing than attending a party that is slow, quiet and boring. We end up dawdling around and having awkward small talk.

27 Feb Hire a Female Stripper in Bournemouth

Make your stag party even better with female strippers! Have you got the task of arranging a stag party for a friend in Bournemouth? Fancy spicing things up a little? Why not turn up the heat and hire a female stripper in Bournemouth? A stag do is the final night of freedom before your friend is committed to marriage, so he may not get the chance to party like this much longer!

26 Feb Buff Butlers Bristol

The thought of throwing a party can be daunting. You may be lacking ideas or fretting about how to make the event a memorable one. Guests won't want to attend a party where there is no element of fun or no form of stress-buster. After all, a party is for letting your hair down, relaxing and being stress-free for a few hours.

25 Feb Buff Butlers Bournemouth

The word 'party' excites people all over the world! But sometimes guests can get bored or the party ends up becoming a platform for social chit-chat because of the lack of entertainment. Where's the fun in that? There has to be a humorous touch, or some form of entertainment to keep the momentum of the party going - especially on occasions like hen parties or bridal parties.

6 Jan Have You Explored this Unique Way of Entertaining Before?

Ever thought about throwing the party of the year? Have you considered this unique and entertaining way of tantalising your party guests? Give your guests a truly memorable event. Many party hosts worry about entertaining their guests and make the party unique and exciting.

10 Dec Spice Up your Christmas Party with our Gorgeous Butlers

Have you been tasked with the ordeal of organising the office Christmas party? Maybe you're having a festive celebration with friends? Spice up your Christmas party with our gorgeous butlers! Our hunky butlers will add that cheeky edge to your Christmas celebration.

12 Nov Buff Butlers

Our gorgeous, buff butlers are there to spice up your party. They will usually arrive wearing very little... Their outfit consists of a white collar and cuffs, a bow tie, revealing apron and, of course, a cheeky smile. They will serve drinks and canapes, shake up some mouth-watering cocktails for your party guests, take pictures, host unforgettable party games and much, much more.

10 Sep Hen Party Ideas – A Time of Freedom before Marriage

Is your best friend getting married soon? Do you want to surprise her with an unforgettable hen party? A hen party is a fantastic way to show your friend just how much you care, and gives you and your friends an opportunity to say farewell before she gets married.